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New Premises applications and applications to vary existing licences made to the Cheshire West and Chester Council under the Licensing Act 2003 are subject to a public consultation period. This involves a Public Notice being displayed on the premises and published in a local publication. 

The consultation period lasts for 28 days from when the application was made and is open to every one. If you have concerns that an application will have a negative effect for you or your family or organisation you can make a representation (an objection to it) either as an individual or as a group to the Council within the 28 day consultation period, displayed on the notice.

Representations can only be made based on how the application affects you or your group under the four aims of the Licensing Act 2003.

This means that you can object to any licence being granted, ask for times to be amended or conditions to be added as long as your representation (objection) can be linked to one of these fours aims of the Act. Representations that do not come under these four aims or are deemed to be repetitive, frivolous or vexatious (to deliberately cause trouble or problems) may be discounted.

If a valid representation is received this means that the application would then go to a hearing before a panel of Councillors who would then decide on the application. Your written representation would be included in the report that is given to the Councillors and the applicant, you would also be invited to attend the hearing so you can explain your concerns to Councillors and the applicant before a decision is reached.

Representations must be made in writing  or by completing the form below.

You should include your details, those of the premises concerned and details of your objection and any suggested conditions (rules) that if applied to the application if granted would alleviate your concerns.