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School and college transport

Where to find help


You can make a payment for school college transport including replacement bus pass, a spare seat pass, SEN transport (0-4, primary and secondary spare seat and 16+ transport) and transport offered on medical grounds (where not attending the nearest school).

General enquiries

If you have any comments, please contact the Safe and Sustainable Travel team.


Some travel assistance may be provided by volunteers. For further information please contact us.

School admissions process and transport

Before applying for a school place we urge you to consider how you will transport your child to school, taking into account any potential transport costs. Please be advised that school admissions and school transport policies are prescribed through different pieces of legislation. School admission applications are calculated using a straight line distance. School transport applications are assessed using an in-house GIS mapping system that measures the nearest available walking route.

Since September 2015 travel assistance has  only be offered to pupils attending their nearest school subject to the distance criteria. For further information on how our policies are administered, please read the information below or call 0300 123 7039 and ask to speak to a member of the transport team.

The Council has recently undertaken a consultation exercise on a number of proposed changes to its home to school transport policies. These changes are now being implemented.  For a summary of the agreed changes please follow the link below:

Transport policies and appendices 

Academic year 2015-16

Please note that these policies may be subject to change this year.

Transport policy statement 

Academic year 2015-16

Please note that this statement may be subject to change this year.

Apply for mainstream transport

There is no legal duty for the Local Authority (LA) to provide over 16 transport for mainstream students and this provision was withdrawn from September 2014 in line with a previous policy decision. The LA will, however, consider individual cases where the student is attending their local college and ‘hardship’ or low income can be demonstrated.

Apply for Special Educational Needs (SEN) transport

Cabinet have agreed to reinstate the travel subsidy for SEN post 16 and SEN 0-4 year olds.

Apply for medical needs transport

Personal travel budget

A personal travel budget (PTB) assists with travel costs from home to an educational establishment for children and young people with a statement of special educational needs (SEN) or education health care plan (EHCP) or a learning difficulty assessment (LDA).

Independent Travel Training (ITT)

Travel training supports children, young people and adults to get more out of life through learning the skills and building confidence to use public transport safely.

If you don’t qualify for free/assisted transport

You may also be able to access alternative sources of funding for your travelling, please see the benefits booklet attached below for further information:

Guidelines for the assessment of the safety of walking routes to schools

For further details on this guidance and other advice, please visit:

Sustainable school travel strategy

In response to new legislation (The Education and Inspection Act 2006) all local authorities are required to develop and promote a sustainable school travel strategy. The Council's aim with their strategy is to encourage healthier, greener and safer ways of travel to school by:

Information for students and parents/carers about sustainable ways of travelling to school is available on the Initiatives page.

The ‘travel to school’ strategy is produced annually and is currently under review.

Further information