Chester Renaissance.

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Stage 1 Consultation - December 2010

The first consultation event was held on 1st December 2010 in the Guild Hall and 60 interested parties attended over the 2 sessions (morning and evening).

The interactive workshops during the sessions were particularly informative and lively and valuable ideas, thoughts, experiences and feedback were shared by all participants for consideration in developing the One City Plan.

Groups were asked to consider some key questions as part of the workshops:

  • Between now and 2025, what 5 things should Chester have achieved?
  • What should be the City’s most important focus for meeting the needs and expectations of the community and of visitors?
  • How should a balance be achieved between economic development and growth and protecting the City’s historic environment?
  • What is the perception of the brand and image of Chester now? Is it a confused message? What should be the brand and image in the future?
  • Does Chester need to change its evening/night time activities? How does it do so?
  • Which areas should be developed and for what purpose?

Groups were also given maps of the City Centre and asked to identify good and poor areas and areas of opportunity for redevelopment and change.

A summary of the comments and copies of the maps from each of the groups can be downloaded below:

A copy of the presentation from the event is also available to download:

Information and feedback gathered during these initial consultation exercises informed the draft One City Plan document that was then consulted upon between June and September 2011.