Training Excavation at Eddisbury - Phase 2

A second phase of archaeological excavation will be undertaken at Eddisbury, starting on Tuesday 30th August 2011.

Date: 30th August 2011
Venue: Eddisbury Hillfort - Nr Delamere
Booking: Required or telephone: 01244 975915

The Habitats and Hillforts project are once again planning an archaeological excavation at Eddisbury Hillfort early this September.

Last year the project undertook what turned out to be a fairly large seven week archaeological dig at Eddisbury Hill, Iron Age Hillfort. The dig re-excavated trenches through the ramparts and one of the entrances that were originally opened up between 1936 and 1938 in order to expose the sections and recover charcoal samples for radiocarbon dating.

Thanks to further permission from landowners The Forestry Commission a further phase of excavation will be undertaken from Tuesday 30th August for approximately 3 weeks. This phase will open additional trenches on the outer ramparts with a view to adding to the complex story the hillfort seems to have been hiding for some years.


Project officer Dan Garner is now looking for more volunteers who would like you join the excavation. Please contact Dan by e-mail if you are interested in volunteering, letting him know how much time you would like to spend on site. 

Dan explained some of the findings the project has found to date:   

“The excavations that were undertaken in 2010 have helped to provide a revised history for Eddisbury Hill. The results have given us a lot of evidence for activity on the hill going right back in to the Early Bronze Age (2000-1500 BC); we also know a lot more about the Iron Age hillfort both in terms of its development and what was going on inside. This year we would like to learn more about the later history of the site including the hill’s refortification in the 10th century AD by Aethelflaeda ‘Lady of the Mercian’s”.