Maiden Castle

The hillfort consists of the surviving upstanding earthworks of a small double rampart, with a ledge (berm) and shallow ditch situated between the banks.

The northern section of the ramparts has a probable entrance consisting of a gap in the outer bank and inturned inner bank, which was subjected to excavation in 1934-35.  The interior of the hillfort has been subject to piecemeal quarrying, probably in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Reconstruction drawing of Maiden CastleAll parts of the monument have been subject to pit-digging, and there are multiple two-man slit trenches created as part of army training exercises during the twentieth century.

Unrestricted visitor access to the National Trust owned property is also a serious problem, with footpath erosion a major issue.  In addition numerous animal burrows were identified on the northern external rampart and on the excavation spoil heaps outside.

Proactive land management is at present occurring on the hillfort landholding which is owned and managed by the National Trust.  The hillfort was designated at high risk during an earlier Monuments at Risk survey because of visitor erosion and bracken growth on the monument.

The survey conducted during the present Scheme agreed with this assessment and designation. Habitats and Hillforts are working closely with the National Trust to manage the hillfort from further degredation.