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Discounts and exemptions

If you are the only adult living in your household then you are entitled to a 25 per cent discount off your bill. 

Cheshire West and Chester operates a local Council Tax Reduction Scheme to support residents on low incomes. More information is available here:

People in some categories are disregarded if they meet certain criteria.

If you think you may be entitled to a student or student nurse discount, please complete the following application form online:

If you think you may be entitled to one of the following discounts, please complete an online application form where available or contact the Council Tax Office for more information:

A property can be occupied by many people some, of which, can be disregarded as per the above list. A property where all bar one person is disregarded will be classed as a single occupation and a discount of 25 per cent will apply. If a property is occupied wholly by disregarded persons, there will be charge of 50 per cent due to be paid. The only exceptions to this can be seen in the section occupied properties.

Reductions for disabled people

If someone in your household is disabled and you have additional rooms to meet their needs; or have taken a room other than a bedroom out of normal use such as a downstairs living room which has been converted to a bedroom for the disabled person you could qualify for a reduction in your council tax. The reduction has the effect of reducing the band on the property by one. For example a band C becomes a band B.

The criteria that must be met is as follows:

If you think you may be entitled, please complete a disability relief application form.

Occupied property

If certain groups occupy a property they may be entitled to receive a discount or be exempt from paying Council Tax. These are as follows:

Unoccupied properties

There are instances when a property has been left unoccupied but furnished that may be exempt from paying Council Tax. The exemption may only last for a fixed period of time after which a charge would be due and payable. These are as follows:

Unfurnished properties

Properties that are left unfurnished and unoccupied maybe entitled to a discount or exemption, some for up to six months some for up to 12 and some for no fixed time period.

Please note - After a period of two years has elapsed from the date that a property first became empty and unfurnished, an empty homes premium charge will be levied. This maybe a date before you purchased the property. The premium will be 50% above the full Council Tax payable on your property and will replace the 75% previously charged.

For the first month that the property is empty and unfurnished a 100% discount is applicable, up until 24 months a 25% discount is applicable. After 24 months there is no discount and 150% of the council tax is payable.

Should you purchase a property that is already empty you should check with the council the date that the property first became unfurnished for council tax purposes to be able to determine when a premium would commence.

Examples of unfurnished and unoccupied properties include:

If a property you own becomes unoccupied you must tell staff in the Council Tax department immediately. You could qualify for a reduction or an exemption if you meet any of the criteria shown above.

When an exemption expires, a charge of 75% of the full charge will be due and payable. The person responsible for paying is the owner or the person who holds a lease or rental agreement. If at any time the property changes hands, the new owner becomes liable for the tax or any remaining time of the exemption if the property remains unoccupied.