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School and college transport policy for students aged 16-19

The Integrated Transport Service provides assisted transport to and from school or college for students who qualify under the current 16-19 Transport Policy. Below is a summary of the policy, which is intended to act as a guide to parents/carers and is not a definitive statement. All students aged 16-19 who are in full time education are entitled to be considered within the policy.

For students who qualify in accordance with the policy, a contribution charge towards the cost of transport will be requested. The annual charge for 2011/2012 is £440. The charge can be waived for families in receipt of some of the following benefits:

The type of transport offered under this Policy is at the Integrated Transport Service's discretion and may take the form of public transport, private contract services or rail services. Cycle grants are available upon request as an alternative to a travel pass (currently £80 per year). Cash grants and mileage allowances are not normally available and can only be considered where there is no suitable transport provision.

Student/parental choice

The policy is generally based on the distance to the local (catchment) school or closest college. Parents/students should be aware that whilst they have the right to express a preference to apply to another school or college, any travelling arrangements or expenses will be their responsibility.

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Summary of policy

The Integrated Transport Service will provide assisted travel to school/college for full-time students (generally over 15 hours per week) and for a maximum of three years.

Students must be:

Students may qualify where the route to the local school/college is less than the statutory distance but has been assessed by the Integrated Transport Service as hazardous.

Please note that it is the responsibility of a parent/carer to arrange for their child to be accompanied to and from school/college and hazardous routes are assessed on this basis.

Students will be eligible for assisted travel to the catchment faith school or college, provided that it is over three miles from the home address. The school or college will be asked to confirm that the student has met their criteria for admittance on faith grounds.