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Appeals procedure

School Transport Review/Appeal Process

In certain circumstances, parents or carers may be able to request a Review of a decision made by the Local Authority, or present a formal Appeal to the Appeals Committee.

Stage 1 – Request for Review of Decision

If you wish to challenge a decision about

you have 20 working days from receipt of the Local Authority’s written decision on transport to ask for a review of the decision.  The written request should include details on

The original decision will be reviewed by the Assistant Team Leader within 20 working days of receipt your written request.  Details of the outcome of this review will be sent to you.  If appropriate, information regarding escalating the case to Stage 2 will be included in this correspondence.

Stage 2 – Appeal against decision

If you wish to challenge the Local Authority’s Stage 1 decision, you have 20 working days from receipt of the Stage 1 decision to complete and return an Appeal Application Form.  You can appeal on one of the two following grounds

In addition to the one of the above, you can also appeal on grounds of financial hardship if apropriate.

Along with this form, you must submit your supporting evidence, for example, financial hardship will require a completed Statement of Incomings and Outgoings; appeals on medical grounds will require supporting medical information from your GP or hospital.  It is your responsibility to ensure all evidence is made available to support your case in order for the appeals panel to make an informed decision, failure to do so may mean a deferral to your appeal hearing until such evidence is supplied.

Once your appeal form is submitted, including all relevant supporting information, the Team Leader will send an acknowledgement letter and contact details for your Local Councillor, who you may wish to liaise with about your appeal so they can help and advise you throughout. 

Democratic Services will write to you when a date and time has been set for your appeal and you will be invited to attend the hearing – allowing you to make your case to the Committee.  Your appeal date will be within 40 working days of receipt of your Appeal Form and supporting information.  Prior to your case being heard, a full copy of all correspondence will be forwarded to you for information.

Members of the Appeals Committee meet approximately on a monthly basis (dependent on demand) and consider each case on its individual merits. When all the evidence has been heard, Members will decide if transport should be approved or declined and a letter outlining the panel’s decision will then be sent to you. If transport is granted, the type of transport offered is at the Authority’s discretion and usually takes the form of a bus pass. Cash grants and mileage allowances are not normally available and can only be considered where there is no suitable transport provision.

Please be aware that between August and October, there is generally a backlog of appeals waiting to be heard and it is important that you apply for transport as early in the year as possible to avoid any delays.