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Before you apply for planning permission, have you:

How to apply

For the majority of applications, you can apply online using the Planning Portal. All applications normally require a location plan to be submitted - further information about site location plans can also be obtained on the The Planning Portal website. 

Apply online

Download application forms

This facility allows forms for any application type to be downloaded for submission to the council on paper if required. As not all application types can be applied for online, the Planning Portal provides a list of applications for which the online service is not yet available.

Encroachment onto neighbouring land

If your proposal encroaches onto land that is not in your ownership (for example, by the eaves or guttering overhanging a boundary, or new access through Highway land) you may not be able to proceed without your neighbour's agreement, even if you have planning permission. Please download the relevant Notice to Owners form:

Specialist application forms

Although most applications can be submitted using the Planning Portal, some are not available yet but can be downloaded below.

Minerals application forms and guidance

Minerals applications

Mineral extraction and processing

Mineral exploration

Underground mining

Surface disposal of quarry waste

Oil and gas explorations

Certificates and instructions