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National and local policies

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National policies

The top tier of planning policy is explained in the Government's Planning Policy Statements. These provide guidance to local authorities and other agencies on planning policy and the operation of the planning system. 

Covering issues such as housing, green belts, economic growth, heritage, sustainable development, biodiversity, transport, waste management and open space, sport and recreation, these national planning policy statements are used by Cheshire West and Chester, as the Local Planning Authority, to shape planning policy at a local level.

Updates for professionals

The Planning Portal provides up-to-date information on new planning policies which will be of interest to planning professionals.

Local policies

Local Development Framework and Core Strategy

The LDF is a collection of documents that will form the planning policy basis for the West Cheshire area, eventually replacing the existing Local Plans for Chester, Ellesmere Port and Neston, Vale Royal and development plans prepared by Cheshire County Council (minerals and waste).  For futher information visit the Local Development Framework webpages.

One of the first documents to be produced as part of the LDF is the Core Strategy. Current Local Planning Policy documents

The former district councils of Chester City, Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough and Vale Royal Borough set out more detailed planning policies in their Local Plans, which guide development in their areas including proposals for specific sites.

Cheshire County Council also produced the Waste Local Plan, Minerals Local Plan and County Structure Plan, however the Local Plans and the Structure Plan will be replaced by a set of documents which make up the Local Development Framework (LDF) in future.

View the current Adopted Local Plans.

Supplementary planning guidance and development briefs

A number of documents were prepared pre-2004 as supplementary planning guidance ( SPG ) to be used along side the Local Plans of the former authorities of Chester City Council, Ellesmere Port and Neston Borough Council and Vale Royal Borough Council. These documents provide guidance on specific planning topics and can be material considerations when the council determines planning applications.

In addition there are a number of development briefs and conservation area character appraisals that can also be material considerations when making a decision on planning applications.