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Wards and parishes

The Borough has two administrative areas with offices based in Chester and Winsford.

The Chester office covers the wards of

Old Wards New Wards Parishes
Blacon and City Blacon None
City Boughton None
Gowy, Mickle Trafford Chester Villages Hoole Village, Bridge Trafford, Mickle Trafford, Wimbolds Trafford, Picton, Guilden Sutton, Littleton, Christleton, Cotton Edmunds, Cotton Abbotts, Rowton, Waverton
City Chester City Chester Castle
Boughton Heath and Vicars Cross Dodleston and Huntington Lower Kinnerton, Dodleston, Marlston cum Lache, Claverton, Eccleston, Huntington, Eaton, Pulford, Poulton
Mickle Trafford, Central and Westminster Elton Little Stanney, Croughton, Stoke, Wervin, Thornton le Moors, Elton, Ince
Broxton and Boughton Heath and Vicars Cross Farndon Saighton, Buerton, Lea Newbold, Aldford, Churton Heath, Churton by Aldford, Churton by Farndon, Farndon, Crewe by Farndon, Edgerley, Kings Marsh, Coddington, Aldersey, Clutton, Barton, Stretton, Carden, Caldecott, Grafton, Tilston, Shocklach Oviatt, Church Shocklach, Horton by Malpas
City Garden Quarter None
Gowy, Weaver Gowy Ashton Hayes, Mouldsworth, Manley, Horton cum Peel, Barrow, Alvanley, Dunham on the Hill, Hapsford
Boughton Heath and Vicars Cross Great Boughton Great Boughton
Overleigh Handbridge Park None
Hoole and Newton Hoole None
Overleigh Lache None
Ledsham and Willaston, Sutton and Manor Ledsham and Manor None
Neston and Parkgate, Ledsham and Willaston, Mickle Trafford Little Neston and Burton Puddington, Shotwick, Woodbank
Broxton Malpas Cuddington, Chorlton, Edge, Larkton, Hampton, Malpas, Bickley, Threapwood, Newton by Malpas, Oldcastle, Stockton, Wychough, Wigland, Chidlow, Agden, Bradley, Macefen, Tushingham cum Grindley
Neston and Parkgate, Ledsham and Willaston Neston None
Hoole and Newton Newton None
Neston and Parkgate Parkgate None
Mickle Trafford Saughall and Mollington Ledsham, Capenhurst, Shotwick Park, Mollington, Lea by Backford, Backford, Chorlton by Backford, Caughall
Gowy, Eddisbury Tarvin and Kelsall Iddinshall, Clotton Hoofield, Burton, Duddon, Willington, Priors Hayes, Bruen Stapleford, Hockenhull, Tarvin, Kelsall, Delamere, Oakmere
Broxton and Gowy Tattenhall Duckington, Broxton, Harthill, Chowley, Burwardsley, Tattenhall, Handley, Golbourne David, Golbourne Bellow, Newton by Tattenhall, Hatton, Huxley, Foulk Stapleford, Tiverton, Beeston, Tilstone Fearnall
Upton Upton Bache, Upton by Chester, Moston
Ledsham and Willaston Willaston and Thornton None

The Winsford office covers the wards of

Old Wards New Wards Parishes
Abbey and Northwich West Davenham and Moulton Bostock, Moulton, Davenham, Northwich
Central and Westminster Ellesmere Port Town None
Frodsham and Helsby Frodsham Frodsham
Grange and Rossmore Grange None
Abbey Hartford and Greenbank Northwich, Hartford
Frodsham and Helsby Helsby Helsby
Weaver Kingsley Sutton, Aston, Kingsley, Crowton, Norley
Marbury Marbury Antrobus, Whitley, Comberbach, Great Budworth, Little Leigh, Barnton, Anderton with Marbury, Martson, Wincham
Central and Westminster, Grange and Rossmore Netherpool None
Sutton and Manor, Central and Westminster Rossmore None
Northwich East and Shakerley Shakerley Sproston, Byley, Lach Dennis, Lostock Gralam, Nether Peover, Allostock
Grange and Rossmore St Pauls None
Groves and Whitby, Sutton and Manor Strawberry None
Sutton and Manor Sutton None
Eddisbury Tarporley Little Budworth, Rushton, Utkinton, Tarporley
Weaver Weaver and Cuddington Cuddington, Weaverham, Acton Bridge, Dutton
Groves and Whitby Whitby None
Northwich East and Shakerley Winnington and Castle Northwich
Winsford South and West, Winsford North and East, Abbey Winsford Over and Verdin Winsford, Whitegate and Marton
Winsford South and West, Eddisbury Winsford Swanlow and Dene Winsford, Darnhall
Winsford North and East Winsford Wharton Winsford, Stanthorne, Wimboldsley
Northwich East and Shakerley Witton and Rudheath Northwich, Rudheath

All applications will be dealt with by the administrative offices in Winsford. Customers are able to view, comment on and make applications online. There are facilities at reception areas, on all sites, to view plans on large screens.