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Corporate Advertising Guidelines

Cheshire West and Chester Council has introduced advertising space on its website as part of the Revenue Income Optimisation initiative. A set of guidelines and safeguards has been established.

The Cheshire West and Chester Council website is not the only way for businesses and organisations to reach customers. The launch of Cheshire West TV, the community online TV channel, offers the opportunity to sponsor a channel or even include your own adverts.

If you wish to take advantage of these opportunities on the Cheshire West and Chester Council website, Talking West Cheshire or Cheshire West TV, or require further information, please contact us.

To protect the reputation of the Council, its members, partners and officers, and to protect service users, a set of guidelines is required for the carrying of advertisements.


These guidelines apply to the carrying of advertisements on websites, buildings and vehicles managed and operated by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

General principles

Advertisers must ensure that each advert complies with all relevant rules of law, regulations or codes of practice. In particular the adverts must adhere to the codes of conduct laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority - in both letter and spirit.

The adverts must contain nothing which is in any way defamatory, obscene or illegal or which infringes copyright or any other intellectual property rights or other rights belonging to a third party or which if published or displayed would constitute a breach of contract or confidence or the publication or display of which is for any reason unlawful.

All adverts must be accurate, decent, honest and truthful and created with a sense of social responsibility.

The Council will not carry any advert that may detract from its brand or identity. Adverts may only use the Council’s name or brand with the written permission of the Council’s corporate brand manager:

The Council has the right at its discretion to decline to publish, or omit, change the position of, any advertisement otherwise accepted for insertion or placement on the websites, buildings or vehicles it operates or manages. The Council will use its reasonable efforts to comply with advertisers wishes although the Council will give no representation, warranty or undertaking as to the date of insertion or placement, the wording or the quality of the colour or mono reproduction of an advertisement.

General blocks

The Council will not carry advertisements:

Approval of advertisements

Prior to approval, an advertisement will be need to be submitted to the e-Communications Manager for approval either by email or by entry into the web booking system (for online advertisements).

Once approved, the advertisement will be processed. If not approved, the e-Communications Manager will provide written reasons for refusal.  Any advertiser may ask for the decision to be reviewed by the Marketing and Communications Team; however following any review the council’s decision will be final. 

In addition to any rights the Council may have, the Council shall be entitled, not to carry or continue to carry and where necessary remove the whole or any part or parts of an advert, in the following circumstances and without liability or having to tell the advertiser, if in the Council's sole discretion it considers:

Availability of websites

The Council will arrange for the Websites operated and managed by Cheshire West and Chester Council to be made available, however computers and telecommunications systems are not fault free and may occasionally require periods of downtime (during which the Websites shall not be available) for repair, maintenance, and upgrading and the Council cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability. The Council will however endeavour to minimise any such periods of non-availability. All advertisers must understand and accept that they will have no claim for breach of contract or otherwise in respect of any such period of unavailability.

Localised support - bouncing back

The Council will, where possible, seek to give local businesses (those whose headquarters or base of operation is in the borough of Cheshire West and Chester) preference in positioning or a discount for online adverts.

What’s on

Listings in the council leaflet “What’s On” for events in and out of the borough of Cheshire West and Chester must adhere to these guidelines. Any advertisements placed for events outside of the borough may be charged for their listings.

Further information 

Monitoring and review

The Marketing and Communications Team will review these guidelines annually.