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Partnership and area working

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Partnership co-ordination and business management

The Council and its partners have developed a new Framework to support the effective co-ordination and development of partnership working. 

The Framework comprises a number of core elements including the Local Strategic Partnership ( LSP ); five Thematic Partnerships; and five Area Partnership Boards. In addition, community priorities which cannot be resolved at a local level can be escalated for action within the Framework through a network of Community Forums. 

Communication across the Framework is currently supported through the monthly production of a Partnerships Bulletin which is circulated widely to all partners.

Partnership planning and delivery

Amongst other things, the LSP is responsible for the production of a Sustainable Community Strategy and Local Area Agreement which together set the direction of travel for the Council and its partners, identify priorities for action and outline specific areas for improvement.

Partnership development and improvement

The Council and its partners are committed to the continuous development and improvement of the LSP to ensure its ongoing "fitness for purpose" in fulfilling its core functions.

Strategic approaches to working with Local Councils

The Council is committed to working in partnership with the 97 Local Councils that exist within the boundaries of Cheshire West and Chester and also the Cheshire Association of Local Councils ( ChALC ). Where possible, these approaches will be promoted through the wider Partnerships Framework.

Strategic approaches to community engagement, empowerment and working with the Third Sector

Local Authorities are expected to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the needs and priorities of their communities through robust engagement and to empower local people to take greater control over the things that affect them. In part, this is achieved through the development of the Third Sector (i.e. community, voluntary and faith organisations).