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Annual Report 2014

The Council's Annual Report 2014 provides an opportunity to reflect upon our fifth year and to review achievements across the Council. You will read in this annual report about how we continue to investigate how all the Council's services can be delivered better - and you will see how that work has shaped a new organisation, responding to your needs.

Please note:
The last paragraph of the introduction on page 3 of the 2013-2014 report has been amended for clarification in this online version. The original statement in the Annual Report is correct in that it relates to customer satisfaction with the Council's Contact Centre, as the conduit for all enquiries about services delivered by the Council. The Council recognises that the statement requires clarification and has therefore amended it online to explain that customer satisfaction is assessed using the feedback it receives from customers raising enquiries via its Contact Centre.

Measuring success

Local Authorities are measured in many ways to ensure that they deliver best value to the residents and continue to improve.

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