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What complaints won't you deal with?

What complaints won't you deal with?

We cannot look at complaints which you can take forward through a separate procedure, including:

  • Planning Decisions
  • Car Parking Fines
  • Children and Adults social care complaints
  • Environmental Issues
  • Council Tax and Housing Benefit appeals (though we may look at fault in our administration of these)
  • Data Protection and Freedom of Information Issues
  • Complaints against a Councillor
  • School Transport Appeals
  • Refusal of an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) as there is a separate appeal route via SENDIST (Tribunal).
  • Other matters that have an alternative appeal route (like a Tribunal)
  • A matter where the customer or the Council started legal proceedings or has taken court action (this does not include cases where the customer has simply threatened legal proceedings against us)
  • Complaints more than 12 months old where the issue was known about by the customer but not reported to us within 12 months may not be accepted, unless there is a good reason for the delay
  • Complaints that involve insurance claims against us (although there may be some aspects of the complaint that could be investigated concurrently. For example an allegation that the service area delayed in sending information about how to make an insurance claim against us)
  • Complaints about a member of staff that will instead be dealt with through our staff management or performance procedures
  • Complaints from members of staff relating to personnel matters
  • Allegations of fraud or corruption that would more properly be dealt with by our Anti Fraud procedures or Whistle Blowing procedure
  • Complaints about a council policy (this will be treated as a comment)
  • Criminal actions - these should be reported to the Police

We will always provide you with an explanation why your complaint will not, or cannot, be dealt with. You can find more information about accessibility on our website.

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