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Business start-up grant criteria

Business start-up grant scheme criteria

The Cheshire West and Chester business start-up grant scheme aims to encourage new business start-ups and where possible development of the economy. 

Grants are discretionary (i.e. not automatic) and are designed to assist new businesses with viable projects where the awarding of a grant will have a significant impact.

The funding must be matched by applicants and evidence of proposed purchase/expenditure will be required, either in the form of a receipt, quotation or invoice which must be received with your completed application. We need to see you have invested in your business to an equivalent value of the grant.


Under this scheme a grant of up to £250 may be made to assist in the purchase or of equipment/fixed assets. 

The grant is available to those setting up a business which satisfies all the following criteria:

  • it is located in the Cheshire West and Chester area
  • it is a viable project (sustainable business)
  • it is up to date with council tax and business rates at the time of application and remains so during any grant period
  • it holds valid planning approval (if appropriate)
  • it has been trading for no longer than three months on receipt of application

The grant can be used for example to obtain and assist with, marketing, a website, IT equipment etc. The grant is not available for:

  • working capital
  • vehicle purchase or repair
  • items under any hire purchase agreement
  • any legal or mandatory expenses (public liability insurance, business rates etc)

Process for applications

Applicants must provide suitable evidence of trade, cash flow forecasts, proof of business banking, HMRC registration and insurances related to the business, lease agreements.

Another method would be evidence of business advice – this could be via a business bank account, solicitor or accountants. This could also be proof of meetings with a Blue Orchid Advisor prior to application.

If you feel you are eligible and fulfill the criteria please contact Blue Orchird on 01606 539119. Applications will be reviewed by the Blue Orchid team.

You will receive confirmation of your email application by email (wherever possible) on receipt of your completed application. You will also be notified where possible by email of the success of your application

Unsuccessful applicants will be given feedback from a Cheshire West and Chester Officer and where possible other support to be identified or referrals made. The process from receipt of application to being informed of decision should normally take no more than eight weeks, depending on volume and content of application.

If you need further information, contact Cheshire West and Chester, Business Growth Team.

  • Email: 
  • Telephone: 01244 973618

Please note
All applicants information and trading evidence will be treated in the strictest confidence. However given this is public money we need to have assurance that the business is trading and viable

On acceptance

The grant offer will be made to you by email inviting you to forward receipts or pro-forma invoice for the total project costs, subject to satisfactory evidence of expenditure we will then raise a cheque, for which you should allow at least 28 working days.

Further information

  • The decision to award the grant is final.
  • The amount of grant offered is up to a maximum of £250.
  • We request the grant purpose is not significantly changed - we can only pay against the original application agreed by the panel, this allows for changes in brand, colour or type.
  • The grant will only be paid for purposes set out in the original application.
  • You may be requested to participate in any publicity in relation to the scheme.
  • If cheques have not been cashed within six months of issuing the payment is cancelled and can’t be re-issued.

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