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Calibration and verification services

Calibration laboratory (Metrology) 

Cheshire West and Chester operates a calibration service for weights and measures equipment. We can provide a range of calibration services for mass, volume and length.

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Please contact us for our local authority working standards charges.


Weight calibration From 1mg to 1,000 kg (M1 Accuracy class)
Volume calibration From 5ml = 1,000 L
Length calibration Up to 50 metres
Weighing and measuring equipment test and verification We offer a testing/verification service for many different forms of weighing and measuring equipment. We are a Notified Body for the verification of Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments (NAWI)
Certification Each item submitted for calibration is returned with a traceable calibration certificate that is acceptable to most quality systems
 Traceability We can demonstrate traceability from National Standards via the UK Government National Measurement Office

Bulk fuel test unit (BFTU)

Our Bulk Fuel Test Unit (BFTU) is available for hire by customers anywhere in the UK. The BFTU is used to test/verify the accuracy of bulk fuel road tankers often used to deliver large quantities of heating oil to domestic and commercial premises. The BFTU consists of a calibrated reference meter mounted within and enclosed trailer. The trailer is towed behind our Land Rover.

The unit is towed to site and operated by an officer from Cheshire West and Chester. The driver/operator carries all relevant documentation including risk assessment and calibration certificates.

Hire weights

A range of weights are available for hire.

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