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Contract opportunities

To make sure that suppliers are kept aware of current contract opportunities we advertise our contracts on the Contracts Database, which aims to help local businesses identify the opportunities available in Cheshire West and Chester and to understand the processes used by us when sourcing our suppliers.

On the database you can:

  • view details of all contracts currently advertised on The Chest, the North West Local Authority Procurement Portal
  • view details of procurement activities planned to take place in the next two years and not yet advertised, which will allow you time to plan your responses to the tender opportunity, or to form a consortium with other suppliers to tender
  • view an archive listing all contracts that are currently live or have ended within the last three years
  • search for all contracts either live, planned or archived

When the value of the contract reaches the EU Thresholds as detailed on the procurement policy page of this website, they must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Specialist contracts may also be advertised within the trade and national press.

Why should suppliers work with us

We provide a wide range of vital services for approximately 327,000 people from the maintenance and upkeep of roads to providing goods and services to schools, social service homes and centres. We aim to provide the highest level of quality in all the services we provide and as all of our services are delivered to the residents of Cheshire West and Chester.

We spent in the region of £260 million in goods, works and services. There is a statutory duty for us to ensure that the procurement of these goods, works and services represents the most cost-effective solution and that the best possible value-for-money has been achieved.


As part of the governments’ commitment to greater transparency, we make information on procurement more visible. To support businesses we are publishing details of supplier payments greater than £500. This will be shown monthly in arrears. This information gives businesses the opportunity to review purchases and identify themselves as potential bidders when the next opportunity arises.

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