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We publish all of our business contract opportunities through an on-line business portal called The Chest. You can view all current opportunities with all North West Local Authorities and register your company there.

Once registered, you will be notified by email of any new opportunities that match the details that you entered on registration (these can be amended at any time).  By registering your interest you can download the tender documents. These will include:

Pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ)

  • Instructions to the Tenderer (this document details important administrative procedures relating to the tender and must be read carefully and complied with e.g. key dates and times, method of tender return, evaluation criteria to be used in the selection of the successful supplier and details of where tender queries should be directed).
  • Specification (these details the Council’s requirements).
  • Contract Terms and Conditions (this document gives details of the terms under which the Council wishes to do business).

Completing a PQQ

If you are asked to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire, you will need to provide details for assessment of your financial/economic standing, technical capability, insurance, policies for quality assurance, equality, sustainability and health and safety, and environmental management. We will usually also ask for background information such as the history of your company or organisation, what experience you have in providing the goods/services/works being tendered for and details of where the Council may obtain references. The PQQ may restrict the numbers for inclusion on a shortlist of suppliers being invited to tender.

To ensure your bid is considered, you should:

  • provide all the information requested
  • make sure that you answer all questions fully and accurately
  • return the information by the closing date specified, electronically via The Chest

Sometimes the information the Council receives from suppliers is unclear or in need of further clarification. If you have any queries or need to seek clarification on the information being asked for in the PQQ, please contact the Council Officer named, using the question and answer facility. Once again you should provide any additional information sought by the closing date. If you are successful in being included on the shortlist, you will be invited to tender for the contract

Completing the tender documentation

The tender documents that we send out to suppliers contain details of our requirements. The documents, particularly the specification, should be read carefully and all information completed fully and accurately. If you do not understand any part of the specification you should contact the Council Officer named in the tender documentation using the question and answer facility and request further information. This must be done before the date specified in the tender documents and submitted before the closing time and date for the return of tenders.

Tendering dos and don’ts


  • Presume that we have any prior knowledge of your organisation – we can only evaluate the information contained with-in your tender submission
  • Include or attach additional information (particularly publicity or promotional materials) unless you have specifically been asked to do so – these will not be considered
  • Exceed the word count stated in the tender documents – additional information may not be considered
  • Leave uploading your tender submission to the last minute - late tenders will not be considered. You can always submit a tender document a couple of days before the closing date and upload a final version nearer to the closing time/date.
  • Upload scanned documents unless you have confirmed that they are in a format that the Council officer can open and read
  • Change the format or the order of the documents


  • Read the advertisement carefully and submit your application as detailed in the advertisement by the dates stipulated
  • Read the questions carefully and answer them accurately and precisely
  • Seek clarification of any queries if you do not understand any part of the specification - contact the person responsible for the document as soon as possible (this will not jeopardise your application or put you at a disadvantage)
  • Tailor your tender submission to the requirements of the Council service, set out in the specification and evaluation criteria
  • Provide all of the information required. If you cannot provide some of the information, for whatever reason, ask for advice, or as a minimum give a reason for not providing the information in your tender submission.
  • Avoid copying and pasting generic answers
  • Where relevant, cross-reference the answers or responses in your tender to the questions in the invitation to tender. This will make it easier to evaluate.
  • Detail added value derived from expertise and experience of your organisation
  • Attach and detail supporting evidence and additional documentation on how performance will meet the required standard (clearly referenced)
  • When submitting prices, ensure these are in accordance with the specific requirements of the tender documents
  • Be clear on your pricing model and state any assumptions you have made when pricing
  • Proof read and sense check tender submissions - to ensure it is clearly written and legible, and to eliminate significant errors and/or omissions
  • Ensure that the document has been signed in all relevant places by the required level of personnel
  • Return the tender by the closing date and time specified. Respond promptly to any requests for further information

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