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Working safely

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Working safely with coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are moving cautiously out of lockdown with easing of restrictions allowing for more people to go back to work, and businesses, shops and retailers to reopen.

As we do this it is important to remember the virus is with us.

We must all play our part in keeping everyone safe. Here's what we need to do:

  • When you are out shopping stay two metres from others, wash your hands frequently or use sanitiser and wash them again the moment you get home
  • Follow signs and instructions that are there to keep you safe
  • If you have concerns that a shop, business, or premises is not following social distancing measures youshould contact the Health and Safety Executive

Health and Safety Executive

  • Businesses, shops and retail premises must play their part in keeping employees and our community safe
  • Ensure a Covid-19 safe environment for your employees, customers, contractors and anyone else visiting your premises
  • Carry out and implement a Covid-19 Risk Assessment
  • Encourage staff, customers, contractors and others on your premises to follow the measures you have put in place

It's your responsibility to keep up to date with the latest Government advice on:

  • Covid 19 safe - premises
  • Covid 19 safe - work spaces and working practices
  • Covid 19 safe - shops and retail units

Government advice and guidance

  • Follow instructions put in place to keep you safe
  • Act immediately if measures and practices being put in place by your employer do not meet Government guidance
  • Take action if social distancing is not being followed
  • Raise your concerns by contacting the Health and Safety Executive

Health and Safety Executive

Our approach to enforcement

Local Authorities and the Health and Safety Executive are responsible for making sure that the Government’s guidelines are followed.

We expect that most businesses,shops and retainers will follow these guidelines to ensure that their premises is a safe environment.

Where they do not, our approach will be proportionate and based on the adjacent escalation principles:

Engage > Educate > Encourage > Enforce

The Council, Health and Safety Excutive and Cheshire Police will work together to ensure social distancing measures are maintained in businesses and public spaces.

Cheshire Police will continue to patrol high streets and local centres to provide reassurance to businesses and the public.

You can also contact us at:

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