How you can help

Donating PPE

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information

The Council, Cheshire NHS and local health partners are working closely together to support the essential supply of PPE to protect health and care workers in Cheshire.

Thank you

We have been extremely grateful to both existing suppliers of PPE and those organisations that have been offering and sharing their stock of unused PPE for redistribution across Cheshire. The stock we have redistributed meets the correct quality standards required to ensure our health and care workers are properly protected against COVID-19.

We have also been humbled by the outpouring of support and generosity from the public and organisations in the wider community, who have offered to manufacture items such as safety visors and goggles that have been reported in the media as being in short supply.

Ensuring quality and safety

We are working closely with the Innovation Agency who are liaising with NHS providers across Cheshire and Merseyside to identify areas of need.

They can then review offers from local businesses and match and signpost suppliers to the relevant NHS provider that have a need for that product. If you have offers of support, please contact them directly by email:

Further information

Our health and care staff are doing a fantastic job in exceptionally challenging circumstances and great efforts are being made to provide them with the PPE required to carry out their vital role in tackling COVID-19, keeping them and the people they are caring for safe.

Scrubs for hospitals

Our hospitals have been helped by the local manufacture of scrubs, which are items of workwear rather than PPE. We are extremely grateful to the volunteers and local businesses who have helped us meet these challenges, which relate to increased use of this workwear and finite laundry capacity.

Hand hygiene

It is vitally important that everyone follows NHS guidance on hand hygiene, social distancing and caring for the most vulnerable to stop the spread of COVID-19.