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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Become a community champion

The Council is bringing together a network of community champions so they can play their part to keep communities safe, share important information and advice with residents and report any feedback they may have.

This network will help build on the coordinated community response in west Cheshire since the start of the pandemic. The Council will be working closely with partners, including Cheshire West Voluntary Action (CWVA) and the rest of the community and voluntary sector, to promote community champions.

By setting up this network, the Council will send regular, accessible information so community champions can quickly pass it on to anybody who needs to see it in their community, helping avoid any local lockdowns.

Community champions will also be able to get in touch with dedicated Council teams should they think improvements could be made in their communities.

Become a community champion

As community champions, you can help the Council support businesses. The Council's Environmental Health officers, who are qualified in health and safety, can offer support and advice to businesses, including a site visit, for those that need it.

An online form has been set up so community champions can easily get in touch with the Council and provide feedback about their local community.

Feedback about your local community

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