How you can help

Staying safe online

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information

Many residents across west Cheshire, including community champions, are helping share trusted information and advice so everyone can remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we're all trying to play our part, it's important we look after ourselves and make sure we stay safe online. Some people are spreading myths about the pandemic and responding to others negatively online.

With valuable input from the Council's network of community champions, we've put together some useful tips to help you stay safe online when you're sharing information and advice.

  • If somebody is responding negatively to your posts online, try not to interact with them as it could encourage them to continue and spark a debate. Remember: you’re sharing important information and advice from trusted sources.
  • Check your security settings. Can you disable comments on your post to stop people posting myths and sparking a debate?
  • If you see somebody posting harmful or false information online, you can often report it to the social networking site or website.
  • Avoid sharing personal details online. Some people choose to share information with groups online and that’s really helpful, but make sure you don’t share too much details about yourself with others, such as your address, phone number or email address.

As not all information online is reliable, it’s worth using the SHARE checklist.

  • Source - make sure information comes from a trusted source.
  • Headline - always read beyond the headline.
  • Analyse - check the facts.
  • Retouched - does the image or video look as though it has been doctored?
  • Error - look out for bad grammar and spelling.

If you come across any myths online, you can let us know so we can take a look. We've set up an online form so community champions can easily get in touch with the Council.