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Garden waste collections

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Garden waste collections resumed on 4 June 2020. Please put your green bin out by 7am on your normal scheduled collection day.

Unfortunately, we can only empty your garden waste container once on your scheduled collection day. Excess garden waste can be composted, taken to your nearest recycling centre or placed into your garden waste container ready for the next collection. Household waste and recycling collections will continue as normal.

Your garden waste collection questions answered

We realise that suspending garden collections has caused some issues for residents who have stored their garden waste safely at home until normal services resume. Unfortunately we are unable to collect the extra garden waste you have accumulated as it is unsafe for the collection crews to empty bags into the back of the vehicle. Bags cannot be placed into the vehicle and taken to the composting site.

Your extra bags can be taken to a recycling centre.

Recycling centres

Bins can only be emptied if they are able to be moved and loaded onto the vehicle safely. Any overweight bins will not be emptied and residents will need to arrange to remove some of the weight from the bin for the next scheduled collection.

Your paid for green garden bins will be emptied on your scheduled collection day if presented for 7am.

No, only green garden bins that have been paid for will be emptied.

Unfortunately the bin delivery service is currently suspended as staff are being utilised to support the collection service. Once bin deliveries resume there is a fee of £40 per annum for additional garden bins. You will need to make the payment before the bin is delivered.

No, renewal payments were suspended during this time and will move ahead so residents only pay for a full 12 month service from when the collections recommence.

Unfortunately the bin delivery service is currently suspended as staff are being utilised to support the collection service. Once bin deliveries resume replacement bins can be ordered.

Recycling boxes and lid deliveries have been suspended until further notice due to difficulties obtaining stock. Recycling will still be collected in a suitable clearly labelled container. The container will be returned to you after it has been emptied. Please separate your materials in the usual way.

Domestic bin and food caddy containers are still being delivered.

No, there are no plans to change collection days. Bins will need to be presented for emptying by 7am on the scheduled collection day however they may be emptied at a different time than usual so please leave your bin out.

If your recycling, garden waste or domestic waste has not been collected on your scheduled collection day you can report a missed collection online.

Report a missed collection

Council tax refunds will not be given. Some authorities charge for the collection of garden waste where Cheshire West and Chester Council doesn't. All garden waste resources including staff were used to support the recycling and refuse collections whilst the garden collection service was suspended.

If you are already receiving assisted service this will continue as normal. Assisted service is only offered to residents who have difficultly physically moving or lifting their containers. If you currently do not receive assisted service but have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or you are self-isolating, you will still need to put your bins and boxes at the kerbside for emptying for 7am on the scheduled day of collection. Please ensure you wear suitable gloves to prevent the spread of the infection to the collection crews.

We are trying to minimise the risk of infection. It is mandatory that all crew members wear gloves and use hand sanitiser or wash their hands frequently. Please wash your hands before and after touching your bins and recycling containers to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

We aim to follow all Government instruction, so all collection crews are required to self-isolate for 14 days if they develop a cough or fever, which will minimise the risk to residents.

It is advisable to wipe or spray your boxes and bin handles if you are concerned.

We intend to follow any Government advice and will relay any service changes through our website and social media.

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