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Call for evidence about trail hunting

The Council has decided to pause trail hunting on Council owned or controlled land and is asking anyone with comments relating to the impact of the activity to get in touch.

Council owned and controlled land for these purposes includes both freehold and leasehold land and does not include the public highway or tenant farms whereby the land and property is let by the Council to the tenant under the terms of a tenancy agreement for agricultural business, like farming.

Why is this happening?

At the December 2020 meeting of the Council, councillors voted for a motion for the Council's Cabinet to develop a policy on trail hunting which takes intoaccount the threat posed by hunts to animals and the environment.

A cross-party working group was established to better understand the activity of trailhunting, to review the local evidence and the legal framework surrounding trailhunt activities.

The objective of the group is to develop a policy for consideration by Cabinet in relation to trail hunting on Council owned land that considers the threat to the environment, wildlife, flora and fauna that maybe caused by hunts, hounds, followers and objectors.

At a Cabinet Meeting on 15 September, it was decided to 'pause' trail hunting on all Council owned or controlled land until a full report with a recommended policy is presented to Cabinet later in the year.

Share your views and experiences

You can get involved by sharing your views and experiences of trail hunting. Please email your comments to:

The purpose of this information gathering is to further our knowledge to aid decision making and help to develop the policy making in this area.

We are looking to gather evidence with a view to determining:

  1. How prevalent is trail hunting?
  2. Has the activity given rise to any problems or advantages?
  3. Did any of those problems lead to the harm of animals - inadvertent or otherwise?
  4. Did the activity give rise to damage to the land in other ways?

The call for evidence will run from 27 September to 18 October.

Public evidence session

A public evidence session will also be held on Monday 11 October between 4pm and 6pm via Microsoft Teams. Led by the cross-party working group this is designed to give residents, businesses and wider partners an opportunity to present evidence and views as to how the Council can address this activity.

If you would like to participate in the public evidence session, please email and you will be allocated a time slot.

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