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Reductions for disabled people

If you think you may be entitled to a disability related council tax discount, please complete a disability relief application form.

Online disability relief application form

Before you apply

The council offer a reduction in the council tax band of the property where the disabled person(s) lives. For example, a band C home would become a band B.

This is offered when the disabled person makes use of additional rooms to meet therapeutic or day-to-day needs.

All properties fall into one of eight council tax bands - A to H - based on size, number of rooms etc. where A is the lowest council tax band, H the highest.  

For disabled people living in a property in the lowest band, A, a reduction approximately equivalent to 10% is available.  

Adapted rooms

To qualify, the property needs to be one of the following:

  • A property with a second bathroom or kitchen adapted from rooms available in the property to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • A property where a wheelchair is used indoors
  • A property where a special room is required to meet the thereputic needs of the disabled person 

Severely mentally impaired

A person who is severely mentally impaired can be 'disregarded', or if they live alone, exempt. Disregarded means they would not be liable and not factored in to council tax billing.

For example, if two residents share a property and one is severely mentally impaired, the council would only count one person as liable - and they would be able to claim a 25% reduction.

If three residents and one is severely mentally impaired, there is no discount.

If all residents are severely mentally impaired, there is a 50% reduction if the property owner is liable, or exemption from council tax if the residents liable.

To qualify the severely mentally impaired person must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit and a medical condition confirmed in writing by a General Practitioner, together with a Commencement date. 

Carers and council tax

A person cannot be a carer if they are caring for a partner or spouse or a child under 18.

If two residents share a property and one is a carer, they may claim a 25% reduction.

If there are three residents and one is a carer, there is no discount unless other discounts apply. For example, if one occupant is severely mentally impaired and one is a carer, then a 25% reduction can be claimed. 

If there are three residents and one is severely mentally impaired, and two are carers, then a 'double disregard' would apply and a 50% discount can be claimed.

Vacating a property for a Nursing Home

If a person’s sole or main residence has changed to a nursing home, and they have no intention to return to the property, reductions and exemptions may be available. 

If this leaves only one person resident (over 18) then a 25% reduction can be claimed. If it leaves no residents at a property then a 100% council tax exemption can be awarded. 

Also, if a person has been in hospital prior to going into a nursing home with no intention to return, the reduction can be backdated to the date they were admitted to hospital.

Contact us

 The Council Tax Office can offer more information.                

  • Telephone 0300 1237022 - 8am to 7pm (Monday-Friday)

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