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Skills and employment

Skills for families, life and work

Family learning is about becoming more confident in supporting your child's learning and developing your own skills so you feel ready to return to work when the time is right. Most importantly, it is about finding the fun in learning for your child and yourself.

Where to find help

What we offer

Our 'You Can Do It!' programme provides a broad range of courses and workshops and offers the chance to gain certificates for achievement. Courses are run in partnership with schools, children's centres and other providers and are currently free to participants.

Family learning activities can involve:

  • workshops
  • short courses (up to six sessions)
  • longer courses (12-18 sessions)

Five key areas covered

There are five key areas covered, these are first steps to:

  • helping your child learn (eg reading, story sacks)
  • engaging with learning (eg love food hate waste, hand knitting skills)
  • creating a confident family (eg family first aid, parenting skills)
  • employment (eg CV writing, interview skills)
  • improving maths, english and IT (eg family maths, family english)

Access to courses

We will try to offer support for access needs including medical conditions, disability or individual learning requirements.