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In year school transfers

Please note: from 1 January 2021 parents are reminded that it is their responsibility to check that they have a right of abode or that the conditions of their immigration status otherwise permit them to access a state-funded school.

There are two main reasons why you might be applying for a school place other than at the time of the normal admission rounds, these are:

  • moving house
  • unhappy with your child's current school

If you are experiencing problems at your child's current school, moving to a new school may not mean that a problem is resolved. Many things that worry parents and pupils can be sorted out without the need to move and it is always better to try and sort problems out rather than simply walking away from them. It is recommended that you talk to your child and staff at the current school to discuss your concerns and look to resolve outstanding issues

If a move of school is unavoidable e.g. due to a house move, it is strongly advised that you discuss this with both the current school and the new school that you are hoping to secure a place at. This is especially important once pupils reach years 10 and 11, when it is possible that their preferred options may not be available at a new school. The same will apply to advances courses in years 12 and 13 (sixth form).

You must be able to take up the place within 20 school days unless you are a member of the armed forces and are applying for a school place as a result of a new posting. Further information can be found for children of UK service personnel.

You will need to consider how to get your child to school when making your preferences. You are responsible for getting your child to school. If your child gets a place at a school that is distant from your home address, this could mean that you pay the transport costs.


Once submitted this will be sent to the school/academy for them to process. The contact details of all schools/academies can be found in the school directory.

Other ways to contact us

Email us to see which schools currently have vacancies. Email:

Please be aware that notification of a vacancy is not a guarantee that this place will still be available when you apply to the school/academy.

Further information

You will be required to complete a form for each child for each of the school/academies you are interested in. You are strongly advised to take into consideration when making your preferences as to how you intend to get your child to school. Information on eligibility for transport can be found in our school transportarea.

  • if they have a vacancy the school/academy will contact you to confirm a start date within 20 school days and will confirm in writing the offer of the place plus the start date you have agreed. You will be notified the outcome of the application within 15 school days. (Please note, it is expected that you will take up the place on the date agreed with the school/academy - failure to do so may result in the offer being withdrawn)
  • once you have accepted the place offered the school/academy will inform your child's current school of the offer and the agreed start date - your child should continue to attend their current school until the day before the agreed start date at the other school
  • if the school or academy does not have a vacancy because they are full in that year group, you will be notified within 15 school days the reason why they cannot admit your child. In addition you will be informed of your legal right to appeal against this decision and be provided details of how to appeal

There are other options available. You can:

  • appeal for any of the schools/academies where you have been unsuccessful
  • check with the school/academy to see if they hold a waiting list and ask for your child to be put on that list.
  • contact the school regularly or contact us to see if any vacancies have become available at the schools where you were unsuccessful
  • contact us again to see which other schools/academies have vacancies and make further applications to these schools/academies

Where to find help

In the event that you are unsuccessful in obtaining any of your preferences please contact the school admissions team

The Fair Access Protocol operates outside of the normal admissions round. It is an agreement between the Local Authority and all of its schools to ensure fairness and equity so that all children, particularly the most vulnerable are offered an appropriate school place as quickly as possible. The agreement takes into account the needs of the child and the number of Fair Access admissions previously taken into each school. To ensure that no child is out of school for a long period of time or left without a school place, children who meet the fair access criteria may be admitted above a school’s admission number. For further information on this process please contact the Local Authority.


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