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Key factors for in year admissions

There are two main reasons why you might be applying for a school place other than at the time of the normal admission rounds, these are:

  • moving house
  • unhappy with your child's current school

Whatever the reason for the transfer, moving your child is a serious step to take, and it is important to consider whether transfer is really the best option.

If you are experiencing problems at your child's current school, moving to a new school may not mean that a problem is resolved. Many things that worry parents and pupils can be sorted out without the need to move and it is always better to try and sort problems out rather than simply walking away from them. It is recommended that you talk to your child and staff at the current school to discuss your concerns and look to resolve outstanding issues.

If a move of school is unavoidable e.g. due to a house move, it is strongly advised that you discuss this with both the current school and the new school that you are hoping to secure a place at. This is especially important once pupils reach years 10 and 11, when it is possible that their preferred options may not be available at a new school. The same will apply to advances courses in years 12 and 13 (sixth form).

You will need to consider how to get your child to school when making your preferences. You are responsible for getting your child to school. If your child gets a place at a school that is distant from your home address, this could mean that you pay the transport costs.

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