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How will the school or academy process my form

A school or academy will process your form as follows:

  • if they have a vacancy the school/academy will contact you to confirm a start date and will confirm in writing the offer of the place plus the start date you have agreed within five days. (Please note, it is expected that you will take up the place on the date agreed with the school/academy - failure to do so may result in the offer being withdrawn)
  • once you have accepted the place offered the school/academy will inform your child's current school of the offer and the agreed start date - your child should continue to attend their current school until the day before the agreed start date at the other school
  • if the school or academy does not have a vacancy because they are full in that year group, the school/academy will confirm in writing within five days the reason why they cannot admit your child in addition they will inform you of your legal right to appeal against this decision and provide details of how to appeal

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