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Admission dates

Nursery school and waiting lists

Admissions procedures for nursery education and school aged education are completely separate. Attendance at a nursery class in a maintained school or academy, pre-school or private nursery on a school site, co-located nursery school or a co-located children’s centre does not therefore guarantee admission to that school.

Parents of children who are admitted for nursery education will still need to apply for a place at the school and all applications will be considered in accordance with the relevant published admission arrangements.

Please note: for community and voluntary controlled schools, attendance at the school’s nursery class does not form part of our oversubscription criteria and will not be considered when assigning a criteria.

Waiting lists

Any child refused a place at any of the preferred schools within the borough will automatically be placed on the school’s waiting list. After offers have been made the waiting lists for oversubscribed schools will start to be prepared and will consist of those children who have been refused a place at the school, those for whom an appeal form has been received, together with any late applications.