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ECO flexibility guidance for agents and installers

If you are interested in working within Cheshire West you should complete the Registration Form and return it to Qwest Services (who are acting on behalf of ourselves) by emailing the completed form to and arrange for the initial set-up fee to be paid. 

If the registration form is approved and the fee paid, you will be issued with the Privacy Notice and the Information Sharing Agreement for signing.


There is an initial set-up administration charge of £100 + VAT for each new Agent or Supplier wishing to take part in this ECO Flexible programme.

This charge will be levied by Qwest Services to cover registration, checking, processing and obtaining approval to proceed from us. This charge must be paid by you and this charge must not in any circumstances pass this cost onto the householders receiving assistance from the scheme.

Payment of £120 can be paid by BACS transfer to Qwest Services. For more information on how to pay by BACS transfer please email

What do information do I need to provide?

Using the Registration Form prior to any work being undertaken, you will provide Qwest Services with the name and contact details and the PAS 20/30 number of all contractors and installers that will be used to undertake the works.

You will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. You will need to undertake work in accordance with Ofgem requirements and act in accordance with industry best practice in relation to consumer care and quality standards.  

You will be required to provide a quarterly summary of all work undertaken, including numbers of each measure, location of each measure, date of installation of each measure and any information on proposed measures that did not proceed, and the reasons why not.

This information should be uploaded on the shared folder at the end of each quarter (i.e end of June, September, December and March each year) to enable us to report back to central government on the performance of ECO Flex.  

What happens next?

Once the Privacy Notice and the Information Sharing agreement has been returned, checked and signed by us you will be issued with a copy of the ECO Flexible Eligibility Residents Assessment Form and the Local Authority Declaration Form.

You will be responsible for completing and submitting the completed ECO Flexible Eligibility Residents Assessment Form. You must ensure and evidence that the householder meets the eligible criteria as set out in the Statement of Intent.

Completed Assessment Forms and completed Local Authority Declaration Forms shall be uploaded to the Share Point by you and a notification email is sent to us.

Steps involved

You will need to explain to the householder that ECO-Flex is a private sector led scheme and that the funding for improvements is awarded by the energy companies.

Householders need to be made aware that we have limited involvement and are not responsible for issuing the funding, appointing contractors, installing the works or checking the quality of the work undertaken

You must not use any Council branding, or suggest that you are working on behalf of us, without our expressed prior written consent.

What should I provide the householder with?

You must leave your contact details, including named contact, telephone number and e-mail address, with the householder. Please advise the householder that if they wish to make any enquiries, checks on progress or raise any concerns that they should contact you and not us.  

Following completion of works, you must leave details of any guarantees/ warranties and any associated paperwork with the householder.

Fuel poverty

By participating in the ECO-Flex scheme we seek to support those households who are experiencing fuel poverty and are vulnerable to living in a cold home.

To ensure that those eligible householders capitalise from the scheme, you must recommend the most affordable and energy efficient infrastructure for the householder and the property and not just propose those measures which may secure a higher level of grant intervention.  

What if work can't be funded through the scheme?

You must advise householders of any works and additional costs which cannot be funded through the ECO-Flex scheme and explain to them that they may have to cover these costs.

Householders must be informed that they are not obliged to proceed with the scheme if they do not believe that the improvement works are appropriate or affordable to them.  


All companies and representatives working on their behalf must fully comply with all the requirements set out above and within associated documents.

Compliance checks will be carried out on a regular basis and where compliance breaches are found, Declaration Forms will not be signed by us and the ECO Flex registration of the company will be cancelled without prior notification.

General enquires

For further information please contact us by emailing


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