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Definition of a carer

250-caring-someoneIf you provide regular, unpaid support to someone who could not manage without it, you have the right to have your own needs assessed, even if the person you care for has refused support services or an assessment of their needs.

This assessment, called a carer's assessment, gives you the chance to tell us what you need, and to find out what support might be available to help. The carer's assessment explores whether you have eligible needs in your own right.

The local authority or a partner carers' organisation will assess whether you have needs as a carer and what those needs may be. This assessment will consider the impact caring has on you. It will also consider what difficulties you may be facing, how you manage them and the things that you want to achieve in your day-to-day life. It must consider other important issues, such as whether you are able or willing to carry on caring, whether you work or want to work, and whether you want to study or do more socially.

If you have eligible needs, the assessor will discuss the options available to meet those needs. If your needs are not eligible, information and advice will still be provided.


If you are a carer and need some support there is a local Carers Support Service who provides a number of services to support carers. This includes a range of services from general advice through to more specialist support.

Services include:

  • general information, advice and advocacy
  • services that support carers to take a break (including respite and carer break opportunities)
  • services for carers of people with mental health needs
  • services for carers of people with Dementia
  • services that support carers of people with disabilities
  • services that support carers to retain and /or regain employment
  • service to support the early identification of carers in primary care


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