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About us

The Cheshire West and Chester Local Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency partnership committee, co-ordinated by Cheshire West and Chester Council, which provides strategic leadership for adult safeguarding across the borough. It has an independent Chair and its remit is to agree objectives, set priorities and co-ordinate the strategic development of adult safeguarding.

The Board acts as a forum for agreeing how agencies should co-operate to safeguard adults at risk and ensure that local arrangements work effectively to bring about positive outcomes for local people. It is responsible for ensuring that the systems in place locally to protect people at risk are proportionate, balanced and responsive, that lessons are learned by way of safeguarding adult reviews in cases where there have been poor outcomes, and that awareness is raised in respect of abuse and what can done about it.

The Cheshire West and Chester Local Safeguarding Adults Board is governed by a Memorandum of Agreement which all agencies sign up to.

Our strategic priorities

We will focus on three areas of equal importance, which will be our strategic priorities. We will continue to work with our partners to make sure that by 2022 they are achieved.

People and outcomes

Safeguarding services are delivered effectively and professionally, with making safeguarding personal at the heart of how those services are delivered.

Systems, processes and performance

Ensuring that there are effective governance, scrutiny and business processes in place to ensure that the safety and well-being of adults who are subject to, or at risk of, abuse and neglect. This includes ensuring that the findings from safeguarding adult reviews and other key areas of practice improvement are implemented.

Partnerships and communities with care and support needs

We will promote safeguarding adults in the community by listening to their concerns and raising awareness and well-being to prevent neglect and abuse before it happens, with a particular focus on diverse, isolated and under-represented communities.

Under the Care Act 2014, Local Safeguarding Adults Boards have been strengthened and have more powers than they had previously. However, they will also be more transparent and subject to greater scrutiny. We must now:

  • Decide when a Safeguarding Adult Review is necessary, arrange for its conduct and, if we so decide, implement the findings
  • Publish an annual report detailing what we have done during the year, as well as report the findings of any Safeguarding Adults Reviews (SARs) and reference any ongoing reviews
  • Publish a strategic plan for each financial year that sets out how we will meet our main objective, what each member will do to implement the strategy – and, in developing the plan, consult our local Healthwatch organisation and the community.

Membership includes core members, as identified through legislation and NHS guidance, and associate members who are invited onto the Board in order to enhance multi-agency working.

Independent Chair

Core members

Associate members

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