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Children's Centres

A Children's Centre delivers:

  • child and family health (including antenatal) services
  • family support and information
  • advice and guidance to support parents/carers including preparting your child for school
  • specialist support for children with additional needs
  • a range of activities that support parents/carers to access training and employment which include close working with JobCentre Plus

Cheshire West and Chester has arranged its Children's Centres into 15 geographical areas known as Children's Centre footprints. 

Although your address will have a Children's Centre allocated to it, you are able to attend any Children's Centre in Cheshire West and Chester. As well as offering the required early years services set out above many of our centres also work closely with local schools to deliver services appropriate to the needs of families with school age children. 

Cheshire West and Chester Family Information Service

The Cheshire West and Chester Family Information Service offers a free and confidential quality service to parents, carers and health professionals, providing information on available childcare and childcare options.

Preparing your child for school

For help preparing your child for school please see the West Cheshire Children’s Trust School Readiness booklet below. School readiness can mean different things to different people. The aim of the booklet is to provide an understanding of how parents, carers and practitioners can help children to be ready for school.

Further information

Details of additional services to help you and your family, provided by a range of organisations in the local area, can also be found below.

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