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Appealing a decision

If you think we have worked out your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction incorrectly and want us to look at it again you can contact us to ask for an explanation. We will explain how we made the decision and what information was used.

How do I appeal?

The first stage is for us to reconsider the decision we have made. You need to do this in writing within one month. This can be by email or you can post it. You can also bring it in to one of our customer service centres.

What happens next?

Someone new will look at your claim and look at how we made the decision and what information was used. We will write to you with an explanation.

What if I still disagree with the decision?

After we have explained our decision and you still think it is wrong you can appeal to a tribunal. You should send your written appeal to us giving full reasons for your appeal.

If you disagree with your Council Tax Reduction decision we submit the appeals to the Valuation Tribunal

If you are appealing against a Housing Benefit decision, we will submit your appeal to the Independent Tribunal Service

The time limit for appeals is one calendar month from the date of the decision letter or one calendar month from the date of the letter telling you that the decision cannot be changed.

Late appeals

If you appeal after one month, you need to tell us why it is late. Late appeals are only accepted in special circumstances. We cannot accept appeals if they are made 12 months or more after the date of the decision letter. We can choose to extend the time limit, but only if there are special circumstances.


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