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Council housing

Council Housing Management Board

The Housing Management Board is a forum where tenants meet senior housing managers and councillors to discuss and influence the development and management of council housing services.

The role of the board

  • review our business plan
  • review our capital and revenue budgets on an annual basis
  • review draft reports on key decisions taken by the cabinet or council
  • consult and advise the Strategic Director on changes to policies, procedures and practices, as well as significant changes and development proposals
  • review high-level performance statistics

Aims of the board

  • work towards the development and improvement of our housing management role, including all landlord functions
  • contribute to the development of key policies, procedures, and practices
  • make sure we effectively deliver on our priorities and provide high quality services
  • contribute towards the delivery of neighbourhood renewal and regeneration
  • promote and assist in the creation of balanced and sustainable communities with a high quality of life where no one is disadvantaged
  • make sure tenants are properly involved in shaping all landlord services

Membership of the board

The Board includes:

  • Four Councillors
  • Senior Council Officers
  • Senior Forhousing Officers
  • Four tenant/leaseholder representatives
  • Two independents

The Housing Management Board may call on other staff as well as external organisations as required.

Putting a question to the board

If you would like to put forward a question that can be discussed at the Council Housing Management Board meetings, which relate to the development of key policies, procedures, and practices or other strategic matters which affects all tenants please contact Tenant Participation by:

Written questions must be received at least three clear working days prior to the meeting.

Please note: if you have an individual question or issue relating to your tenancy please contact ForHousing directly.


The next Housing Management Board meeting will take place on Thursday 7 December 2023.

Any meeting papers from previous meetings will be updated on this page.

Council Housing Management Board meeting minutes