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Cost of an empty home

Council Tax 

If you own a property that has been empty for over two years, then you will be required to pay an Empty Premium Charge (EPC). This means that you will pay an extra 100% of your total Council Tax bill. For example, the annual Council Tax bill for a band D property is £1581 which after the EPC would be doubled to £3162. Once your property has been empty for over five years, the EPC will treble your Council Tax bill to £4743.

Lost rental income 

Using the Local Housing Allowance rates as a guide, a three bedroom property in Chester, Ellesmere Port or Northwich would have a potential rental income of £650 per calendar month.

Other costs and issues to consider

  • standing charges for gas, electricity and water, even if there is no usage
  • specific insurance to cover empty properties
  • damage caused through lack of maintenance
  • risk of burst water pipes during winter
  • garden maintenance and the potential removal of fly tipping
  • risk of damage to windows or doors through vandalism
  • risk of people gaining access to the property for various reasons e.g. drug use, squatting, theft 

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