Private tenants

If you are a private tenant we can provide you with advice and support in the following ways:

  • work between you and your landlord to avoid unnecessary evictions
  • provide you with a list of available properties that are available to rent privately
  • advise you on paying your rent
  • keep you informed on housing law and tenancy regulation and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant
  • refer you to the private sector team who can advise you on disrepair issues
  • provide guidance and support if you feel that your landlord has unfairly treated you, or if you have been harassed, threatened or illegally evicted
  • give you advice on maintaining a good relationship with your landlord
  • assist you with a Bond Guarantee
  • provide referrals for affordable furniture
  • refer you to the Credit Union who can assist you in saving money

Bond Guarantee Scheme

A Bond Guarantee is a non-cash deposit that can be provided to a landlord before a tenancy starts.

How the Bond Guarantee Scheme works

The Council acts as guarantor on behalf of the tenant pays the landlord up to the value of the Bond for certain losses such as unpaid rent or major damage during the tenancy. You, as the tenant, are liable for any successful claims against them.

Who is eligible to apply?

You can apply for a Bond if you are:

  • homeless or threatened with homelessness within 28 days or you are in extreme housing need
  • in receipt of a means tested benefit or low income
  • in a household with an income of £15,000 or under per annum

How long does it last for?

To receive the Bond you will be asked to set up a savings account with the West Cheshire Credit Union and make regular deposits. Ideally the full Bond amount should be saved within 12 months although this can be extended for another six months if savings are being made but the full amount hasn’t quite been saved. Funds in the account can’t be used until the full bond amount has been transferred to the landlord/letting agent’s account by the Credit Union.

What can happen once it expires and the you want to remain in the tenancy?

After the initial six months one of the following four things will happen:

  • the Council will agree to extend the Bond providing you have stuck to the Credit Union savings plan
  • the landlord may want a partial payment towards the full deposit, a ‘gesture’ payment by you
  • the landlord is happy with you remaining without a deposit in place and may not provide a new tenancy agreement; however, you would then remain as a ‘periodic’ tenant
  • the landlord may choose to regain possession and will serve the appropriate notice seeking possession on you If you need further information on the Bond Guarantee Scheme contact Housing Solutions.

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