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Our mediators are trained and experienced in conflict resolution. They can help you find a solution that all parties can live with.

Where to find help

If you have any questions or if you want to know more about how mediation works please contact us.

Who can use mediation

Mediation is a voluntary service open to everyone who wishes to take part. However for mediation to work, all parties in the dispute need to take part. It is important for all parties to be able to share information about your situation with each other.

Why use mediation

Mediation is a way of resolving issues and to help you and your neighbour reach an agreement that works for everyone in moving forward from what’s gone on in the past.

How does mediation work

We will have individual meetings with both parties. If all parties are in agreement we will then move to a joint session (usually the same day) Mediators will be present throughout all the session so you’ve no need to worry. Mediators won’t take sides. In the surroundings of our offices or a mutually agreeable venue, everyone will have a chance to speak and to be listened to in these sessions. We work to strict rules of confidentiality. Our job is to help you find a way to resolve your problems in a way to suit everyone involved. 

What happens at the end of mediation

At the end of the mediation sessions, you and your neighbour will be given a written record of what has been agreed. This record is not a legally binding document.

Remember that you are in control of the process. You can stop mediation at any time if you are unhappy, no one will force you to continue.

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