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Inspection of building work

Please note: All site inspections have been cancelled until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Site inspections

During the course of your building work, our surveyors will carry out various inspections at key stages of the work. The purposes of the inspections is to try and ensure that the works being undertaken are compliant with the building regulations. Our surveyors will be happy to offer you or your builder guidance and advice on how to meet the building regulations during their visits.

Types of inspections

We will undertake a variety of inspections during the course of your building work. The following table identifies what we inspect and why. Please be aware that the number and type of inspections that you receive for your project will depend upon the scale and nature of what you are building.

InspectionA few of the things that we may check
Commencement The commencement inspection usually coincides with one of the inspections below
Foundation excavation Excavation depth and width, ground conditions, reinforcement (if required)
Ground floor oversite Damp proof membrane, Insulation, sub floor preparation reinforcement (if required)
Drainage Falls, connections, protection when passing through foundations, rodding access
Intermediate Steel beams, general structure, fire resistance
Pre-plaster Thermal, and sound Insulation, vapour control layers, fire resistance, staircase
Roof inspection Roof timber sizes and structural arrangement, weather proof membrane, insulation
Completion Windows, doors, ventilation, alarms (smoke/carbon dioxide), staircase, safety glazing, extractor fans, disabled access and fire safety

Work not covered under the Building Regulations

It is important to realise that building control and the Building Regulations do not cover such things as the standard of decoration and finishes, skirtings/floor coverings the fitting of kitchen units or the aesthetic quality of workmanship etc.

Completion certificates

Upon satisfactory completion of your building work, we will provide you with a completion certificate to verify that your work has been inspected through to completion.

A completion certificate can be presented to financial institutions, solicitors, surveyors etc. when they require evidence that the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the Local Authority.

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