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Weed control

We aim to keep public spaces free from weeds by treating and controlling weed growth around areas such as parks, verges, town centres and roads. We are not responsible for removing weeds that have grown on private land or properties that are not owned by us.

How often are they be treated?

Weeds are treated twice annually between March and October, timeframes vary according to the weather and location.

How do I report it?

Report it 

You can also use the form to check the progress of a report you have already made.

If you notice the presence of either Japanese knotweed or Giant hogweed on public land, please do not attempt to remove this yourself. Please report it to us by requesting weed control, providing us with:

  • the location
  • type of species
  • amount of weeds present 

Our app

You are also able to report issues using our app. 

The app is available for download on the app store for your device. Once you have installed the app you will need to sign up with your email address and you will then be able to report issues.

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