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Major road schemes

Resurfacing works

Please note, the below dates could vary depending on weather conditions.

  • Barton Road, Chester - 5 August to 7 August (night)
  • Westward Rd, Boughton, Chester - 8 August to 12 August (day)
  • Cornwall Rd, Upton, Chester - 12 August to 15 August (day)
  • The Wynd, Kelsall - 13 August to 19 August (day)
  • Mount Pleasant Dr, Davenham - 15 August to 19 August (day)
  • Shipbrook Rd, Rudheath, Northwich - 20 August to 22 August (day)
  • Bull Hill, Neston - 21 August to 23 August (day)
  • Road Five, Winsford - 27 August to 31 August (night)
  • Soot Hill, Anderton, Northwich - 29 August to 3 September (night)
  • A41, Whitchurch Road, Cheshire Cat - 5 September to 12 September (night)
  • A51, Boughton & Union Street - 3 September to 16 September (night)
  • Griffiths Road, Rudheath - 13 September to 19 September (night)
  • Vicars Lane, Chester - 17 September to 23 September (night)
  • Crossland Terrace, Helsby - 23 September to 27 September (day)
  • Hickhurst Lane, Winsford - 24 September to 28 September (day)

Chester City Centre from 14 October to 24 November

  • When: From 14 October - 24 November between 6.30am-7.30pm including weekends
  • Roads involved: Castle Drive, Nun's Road, Nicholas St and St Martin's Way
  • What is it for: Site investigation work 

Find out more about Chester City Centre works

A51 Tarvin to Chester improvement scheme

This scheme will address heavy road traffic congestion and travel delay along the A51 corridor, especially at peak times. You can find more information about the improvement scheme on our website.

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