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Hedges and trees

We maintain hedges and trees on council land near roads which have a speed limit of over 40 miles per hour. Our streetscene team manages them under this speed limit.

Overhanging trees and hedges

If they are overhanging onto a public road or footpath, it is the responsibility of whoever owns the land they are on to maintain them. If there is an area where this has happened, we will contact the land owner and ask them to take action. 

If they do not do this within a reasonable timescale, we will issue them with a formal notice. If they still have not done what was requested, we will cut them back and charge the land owner for this, this can take six months to action. 

Report an issue by a road or footpath 

Report an issue in a park or public place

Abandoned tree or hedge cuttings

If someone has trimmed a tree or hedge it is their responsibility to remove the cuttings.  If you don't know who has cut the tree or hedge and they are they are blocking a road or footpath please let us know.

Report cuttings 


How long does it take?

Timescales vary according to location, season and weather, so we are unable to give a specific timescale.

Trees on private property

We do not plant trees on or near property boundaries, any trees or hedges that are on a boundary have been planted by the current or a previous owner. 

If you are unsure who is responsible for maintaining it on the edge of your property, we recommend you check your deeds and speak to your neighbours. We don't provide a private tree cutting service for trees and hedges on private land.

Tree preservation orders

If you are undertaking work on a protected tree you should contact our tree officer to let them know. Details can be found on our tree preservation pages.



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