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Scaffold licences

Do you need to apply for a licence?

If you need to put scaffolding on a footpath, road or verge we maintain you'll need a licence.  It's the responsibility of the contractor doing the work to apply for and obtain a licence for the scaffolding they'll use.

How much does a licence cost?

The amount we change will depend on the number of site visits we need to make.  Normally we conduct two site visits.  Conservation areas like Chester city centre need three visits.  If your application is succesful we'll tell you how many site visits you need to pay for.  Your licence cost covers you for the first week your scaffold is in place, there is an additional charge for each extra week.

  • £60 licence cost
  • £50 per site visit
  • £50 for each additional week

How to apply

You can email your area highways team for an application pack. For Chester, Ellesmere Port and Neston,, for Winsford and Northwich 

How to request an extension

As long as your licence hasn't run out, you can apply for an extension by sending details of how long the licence needs extending by, and a cheque covering the costs for the additional weeks to your local area highways team.  




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