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How to recycle electrical waste

Waste electrical and electronic equipment can be recycled in Cheshire in the following ways.

Recycling centres

  • Recycling centres take all types of electronic equipment
  • Sites have bespoke facilities to enable you to drop of your waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling (WEEE)
  • WEEE taken to the sites are recycled and components reused.

Changing Lives in Cheshire

  • Useful electrical items are collected from the sites by the local charity to help local residents.
  • Repair and reuse gives the working electrical item an extended life with another family.
  • By taking your old washing machine or fridge at the recycling centre you may be helping a family who may not be able to afford a brand new item for themselves.
  • Changing Lives in Cheshire (CLiC) is a government approved authorised treatment facility.
  • CLiC carry out important safety checks on all electrical appliances at their facility in Winsford
  • They then sell electrical appliances on at affordable prices.


  • Components and materials are taken to state of the art electrical de-manufacturing facilities in St Helens, Liverpool or Manchester to be processed.
  • Valuable materials such as metals and plastics can be used again in other products.

Electrical items can be recycled at home

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