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Recycle first students guide

When you live off campus, you get the same recycling and waste services as other residents in Chester. If you live in a house, you should have a green box, a grey box and brown food bin for recycling.
The average student produces 1.5 tonnes of rubbish during a three-year degree course, but reducing this could not be easier.

Find out your collection day

Visit our collection day finder to check what day your recycling and rubbish are collected.

If you do not have any recycling boxes you can request them using our online form and we will deliver them for free.

Order recycling boxes

Get organised

  • be clear about what you can and can't recycle and tell everyone in the house. Your recycling is collected every week and rubbish that cannot be recycled is collected every other week.
  • look out for the student recycling leaflet, which will be delivered to your door at the end of September. Put it on the fridge so that all you housemates will know what to do.
  • set up a recycling area in your kitchen. Use separate containers for your recycling and rubbish.
  • agree a rota for putting out the recycling and rubbish so everyone gets involved.
  • if you have a large amount of rubbish to get rid of, you can request a bulky waste collection or visit one of our household waste and recycling centres (tip).

On your collection day

  • put your containers out by 7am but not before 6.30pm the night before
  • make sure that your recycling boxes have lids on, if you don't have any lids you can order them for free.
  • bring your containers back off the road as soon as possible after collection

Dumping your rubbish out on the street or in an alleyway may result in a £120 penalty notice. Please be smart and use the kerbside recycling scheme responsibly.

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