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Policy proposals table

Policy proposals 2019-20
Thriving People 1,366
New Proposals
A1. Investment - More investment in services for vulnerable children 619
A2. Investment - Meeting increased demand for home to school transport 337
A3. Efficiency - Review of the Contact service -120
A4. Efficiency - New way to support care leavers -220
A5. Efficiency - New model to support children and young people with disabilities -90
A6. Investment - Investment for young adults with learning disabilities 1,382
A7. Investment - Investing in Adult Social Care 2,673
A8.  Efficiency - Review of the Direct Payment Process -100
Total for new proposals 4,481
Technical changes *
Review of non-pay budgets to reflect current pricing structures -70
Children's Centre facilities - change in demand for private hire 25
Re-alignment of staffing budgets to reflect use of the Apprenticeship scheme -23
Partner contributions towards care plans -80
Changes to cross-boundary charging arrangements for adult sexual health services 100
Total for technical changes -48
Previously consulted on
Investment - Care purchasing hub to ensure efficient coordination of appropriate and cost-effective care to meet service users’ needs.  100
Efficiency  - New models of working -410
Efficiency  - Sharing Fostering services -100
Efficiency - Ensuring the Council only supports adults with eligible social care needs -100
Efficiency - Re-designing the delivery model that provides services to young carers -50
Efficiency - Re-commissioning of Adult Public Health contracts -866
Efficiency - Re-commissioning of Children's transport contracts -100
Efficiency - Re-commissioning of services for home adaptations and wellbeing for older and vulnerable adults -29
Efficiency - Redesign of Adult Social Care - ensure that care packages are designed in the most cost effective way -1,184
Efficiency - Home to School Transport - alternative delivery models and pricing structures -278
Efficiency - Reducing historic pension liabilities for ex-Education staff -50
Total for previously consulted -3,067

Thriving Places -1,471
New Proposals
B1. Efficiency - Staffing savings in Highways, Environment and Neighbourhood services -285
B2. Efficiency - Staffing efficiencies related to Economic Development -300
Total for new proposals -585
Technical changes *
Highways fees and charges - changes to volumes -50
Reduction in Members budgets due to boundary changes -25
Review of management fees -30
Review of Localities non-pay budgets to reflect current pricing structures -40
Total for technical changes -145
Previously consulted on
Investment - Community Assets 300
Investment - Council assets 81
Investment - Parking Services and CCTV 38
Investment - Street Cleansing and Grounds Maintenance services 250
Investment - Review of delivery models and contracts commissioned services 292
Investment - Street lighting LED replacement project 220
Efficiency - Car Parking Strategy -350
Efficiency - Implementation of Markets Strategy -20
Efficiency - Land Lease partnership - ground rent -50
Efficiency - Reduce Council office buildings -227
Efficiency - Review of delivery model for Highways and Streetscene -400
Efficiency - Review of Property Services -125
Efficiency - Sub-regional working - join up to support businesses -50
Efficiency - Income generation from traded Regulatory services -100
Efficiency - Street Lighting LED Replacement project -320
Efficiency - Leisure facilities - cost efficiencies -180
Efficiency - Increased income generation from an increase in planning applications -100
Total for previously consulted -741

Thriving Council -4,439
New Proposal
C1. Efficiency - Treasury Management Strategy -500
Subject to separate consultation
Empty Homes Premium -300
Technical changes *
Support for GDPR regulations 84
Re-alignment of staffing budgets to reflect career grade payscales -48
Review of non-pay budgets to reflect current pricing structures -15
External income generation - changes to volumes -30
Land Registry fees and charges - changes to volumes -5
Legal Counsel fees and charges - changes to volumes -5
Council Tax Reduction Scheme - reducing underspent budget -1,500
Total for technical changes -1,519
Previously consulted on
Efficiency - Digital Transformation Strategy -104
Efficiency - Shared back office services - Finance and Human Resources -300
Efficiency - Impact of Universal Credit roll out -100
Efficiency - Maximise opportunities for external income from Professional Services -65
Efficiency - Public Service Reform - staffing restructure and review of non-pay budgets -133
Efficiency - Replacement of the core Human Resources and Finance system -616
Efficiency - Reshape Finance Support -110
Efficiency - Review of non-pay budgets -78
Efficiency - Zero-based budget review exercise -125
Efficiency - Further implementation of Apprenticeship scheme -280
Efficiency - ICT - Review on non-pay budgets -60
Efficiency - Contract management reviews with suppliers -14
Efficiency - Council Tax reduction scheme - review of grants -45
Efficiency - Reduction in Democratic Services costs due to boundary changes -80
Efficiency - Training costs efficiencies -10
Total for previously consulted -2,120

Total -4,544

*Technical changes occur when there is a change to a regulation with which the Council must comply or to unit prices and quantities. These types of changes are generally outside of the Council's control and do not reflect changes to Council policies.

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