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Thriving Places

Thriving places - car on a motorways driving into sunset

This area of the Council provides services such as maintaining roads, managing planning applications, licensing premises, collecting household waste, maintaining public spaces and supporting local economic growth.

Key priorities in this area include:

  • supporting a skilled local economy with well-paid jobs
  • improving support for businesses
  • enhancing transport links to make the borough more accessible
  • ensuring local neighbourhoods are clean, safe and environmentally sustainable
  • supporting good quality and affordable housing.

Overall the budget for this area is £58.9 million a year.  The Council has previously consulted on savings of £0.7 million (1.2 per cent) for 2019-20.  

Further proposals under consideration

Excluding the technical changes listed in the Policy proposals table.

B1 Staffing savings in Highways, Environment and Neighbourhood services: There is scope for further management savings across the Highways, Environment and Neighbourhood teams.  These will be targeted towards managerial and support functions rather than on frontline services.

This proposal would save £285,000 in 2019-20.

B2. Staff savings relating to Economic Development: A wide ranging staffing restructure has been proposed for areas such as Economic Development, Regeneration and Strategic Transport.  The intention is to improve the structure of the team to ensure we have the right skills and roles to take further advantage of growth opportunities.

This is forecast to save £300,000.

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