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The story so far and further challenges

Story so far - image of a city street

The story so far

In February 2016, the Council agreed a four-year budget plan that included proposals to fund vital services but also to reduce our spending on others. This plan reflected the reduced amount of money the Council received from central Government and the need to fund increased demand for some of our services, such as Adult Social Care. This decision followed a major consultation and engagement with local people.

Since then we have made a number of difficult decisions to deliver this four-year budget plan. We have done this by focusing on your priorities, being more efficient and looking at innovative ways of delivering services. We have protected services for the most vulnerable and have taken the decision to increase Council Tax to meet these pressures.

The table outlines the savings we have made over the last few years to respond to both the reduction in central government support and also to meet the costs of demand pressures.

Gross savings per annum (£ million)
2014-15  2015-162016-17 2017-18  2018-19
 20  18.3  15.7  12.1  10.9


Further challenges

The challenge of supporting vulnerable children, families and adults continues to grow beyond expectations and is placing more pressure on the budget. Also, as with any four-year plan, circumstances change, and a small proportion of savings have not been delivered. To ensure services have enough money, further changes are required across the Council. These proposals, while still a further challenge for us, will have relatively little impact on local residents but we would like to hear your views.

We also have some emerging themes for the Council’s next four-year budget plan (2020-2024). These themes are at an early stage, and we are keen to hear your views before developing them further.

This consultation is split into four main sections:

  • Thriving People
    The first section talks about proposals around services for people particularly in relation to children and adult social care.  
  • Thriving Places
    The second section looks at Place services such as Highways, Environmental Services and Economic Development.  
  • Thriving Council
    There is just one new proposal relating to Council 'back office' services such as Finance, ICT and Human Resources as savings of £2.1 million are already planned for 2019-20 in those areas and have previously been consulted on.  
  • Developing our next four-year plan
    The final section looks at emerging themes for the next four-year plan (2020-24) and we would welcome your views before these are further developed.  

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